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Harddrives Paving has the experience and resources to handle your commercial asphalt paving projects for small and large businesses alike. We handle all stages of commercial asphalt maintenance, from patching, crack filling, sealing, to completely new installations.

A well-maintained parking lot and drive area is an important factor in your company’s overall image. Vehicles drive by your building or park there every day, and the condition of your paving or parking lot reflects on the overall image of your business.

In addition, a poorly paved parking lot has the potential to be a major safety and liability risk! Traffic studies show that up to 20% of all motor vehicle collisions occur in parking lots. No business want’s their property and parking areas, to be a place where customers get hurt or experience property damage. Our asphalt paving, parking lot repair, and resurfacing keeps your building’s surroundings safe and immaculate looking. 

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Commercial Asphalt Paving & Masoney

Your driveway and parking lots say much to your customers about how you take care of your business!
Parking Lot Paving NJ
Parking Lots

A new parking lot not only enhances your commercial property, but makes it inviting and welcoming.  The real magic, however, happens beneath the surface and is at work where you can’t see. It’s what separates the boys from the men, as fast as parking lot paving is concerned. In other words, a quality paving company will know how important the foundation is.

Parking Lot Asphalt Maintenance
Asphalt Maintenance

If you’re looking for a commercial paving company in NJ that can bring top quality service at a cost that won’t break the bank, then Harddrives Paving & Masonry has just what you need. We provide the widest range of services, ranging from sealcoating, pot hole & crack repair, line striping, drainage, and asphalt resurfacing. A well-maintained parking lot makes a very good impression to your clients!

Parking Lot Excavation and Grading NJ
Excavation & Grading

Commercial grading is a very specialized process. Without proper ground preparation, results could vary widely, and groundwater may create structural problems, and improper drainage could have negative environmental impacts. It is critical to create and execute site grading and to exact specifications to facilitate your new or replacement parking lot.