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Gravel Driveways

Colored Stone Paving (Hot Oil & Gravel)

Often some of our customers prefer a gravel driveway to preserve the county look of some of their homes. This type of pavement has both advantages and disadvantages over traditional asphalt.

The Oil & Stone driveway is prepared the same way as if you were paving it with asphalt. Excavation and leveling is performed to insure proper drainage. RCA stone blend is installed for a strong base and then it is power compacted with a heavy duty 8 ton roller. Later hot tack oil is then applied.

The colored stone is then applied over the tack oil. Blue, tan, burgundy, and white, are common stone color options. Once the stone is raked out and leveled, the roller is then again used to compact the stone into the hot oil. On flat surfaces, one coat of oil and stone is all that is needed. On elevated surfaces, two coats must be performed.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having an oil and stone driveway over an asphalt one. Please note below:


  • Country Look - Options of Colors
  • No Sealcoating Required
  • Doesn't Crack Like Asphalt
  • Drainage In Some Cases Is Better


  • Weeds May Grow
  • Maintenance and Re-Raking From Time To Time
  • Not Kid Friendly: No Basketball, Roller skating, etc
  • Snow Removal More Difficult