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Asphalt Paving

We Provide all Types of asphalt paving:

Driveways / Walk Ways, Patios / Parking Lots/ Commercial Paving

At Harddrives Asphalt Paving & Masonry LLC, we pride ourselves on excellence in workmanship and customer service. When you hire us for your paving project, you'll get a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to your satisfaction. We understand what it means to take on large-scale paving projects, and we pledge to complete your job on time and within budget, no matter how extensive the work happens to be.

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Generally our paving work is divided into three areas:

New Construction (Excavation, Grading, Rock / Gravel layers installed and compacted)
Resurfacing (Milling, Repairs, leveling, tack coats and finishing layers of asphalt)
Replacement (All the above, including removal of old pavement)


Every installation is completed to your specifications, We can install with belgium block or brick bordering to create beautiful block & brick driveway entrances, walkways, patios, and hardscapes.

We use a high quality approach to every installation. The standard residential driveway is installed with a 4 to 6 inch stone base and then a 2 to 3 inch layer of compressed residential asphalt mix.

Resurfacing can often (but not always) be performed to driveways in a similar fashion as done to parking lots. If done properly, resurfacing can be a cost effective way for having new pavement installed.


The typical parking lot installation is accomplished with heavy roller compaction equipment and then the use of a larger asphalt stone material that can handle the traffic & durability requirements of a parking lot. Lots will have different requirements of asphalt thickness and layers that ultimately depend on the customer or local codes (inspector requirements). We will offer expert advice on every project.

Thanks to constant traffic and changes in temperature, parking lot surfaces can deteriorate quickly. The resulting cracks, potholes and faded striping can cause accidents and falls for your customers and liability for you. A well-maintained parking lot adds visual appeal and function while helping to protect you from costly lawsuits. Don't overlook your parking lot. After all, your customers will notice.

If you are in need of pavement repair, you should know that regular maintenance can substantially extend your pavement's service life and reduce its life cycle cost. In fact, we regularly reduce paving costs for our clients by over 50%.

We are committed to creating long-term relationships with our clients by maintaining the highest standard of quality and service in the industry, and we want to show you why so many of our clients come back to us time and again for all their asphalt needs. So whether you need asphalt paving or maintenance services, count on Harddrives Asphalt Paving & Masonry LLC for timely, affordable and professional results.

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